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Physical Therapy at Spinal Solutions Restorative Chiropractic & Stretch Therapy

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Dr. Pierson provides a manual, comprehensive approach to patient care.  A specifically tailored plan of care is developed for each patient through an integrated evaluation including functional tests, in depth movement analysis, and hands on evaluation of joint, myofascial, and neural mobility as it relates to the overall dysfunction.  Objective findings and clinical research are paired with intuition to develop an individualized plan of care for each patient.

Overlooked Factors?

Although it may be pain, tightness, or an injury that causes you to seek treatment, there may be other (often overlooked) factors that contribute: a long-forgotten injury, a damaging habit or posture, lack of balance or harmony in body systems, or simply inefficient movement during day-to-day activities. Treatment is not focused on avoiding pain and disability, but on achieving efficiency and potential. A plan of treatment is developed from a detailed functional assessment and hands-on evaluation.  The result is a unique, specifically tailored program for YOU. Every person is different, and a treatment program must respect that fact.  Treatment is carried out within the vision that every individual has untapped existing potential; goals are not focused on restoration of “normal” function, but on achieving “optimal” function.

Goals for Treatment

We want to give you the tools you need:

  • Empower:

    • I operate under the assumption that every person has untapped existing potential – from the bedridden to the elite athlete. The road to optimum function begins when a patient believes that they have potential for more.  The best “you” has yet to be achieved.

  • Restore:

    • There are dozens upon dozens of methods for treatment for any given diagnosis or ailment. How do you know what is appropriate for you? Pierson Physical Therapy looks beyond the ever-changing latest trends in treatment, beyond cookie-cutter diagnostic criteria to determine the necessary plan to achieve results quickly. Functional tests are performed with hands on evaluation techniques to determine the inefficiencies (weak points) in the system. Using assessment and evaluation techniques that are driven by intuition and supported by research, treatment is then developed to meet the specific needs of the patient.

  • Optimize your body systems:

    • Just because range of motion has been achieved, strength has been restored, and new postures and movement mechanics have been learned, the work is not completed. Normal function is very different than optimal function.   Treatment should aim to maximize motor control, stability, and movement beyond a pain free level to approach efficiency.

  • Education and training on how to sustain the changes that have occurred:

    • True healthcare should include a plan for self-management. This must progress beyond a maintenance plan. Treatment should include education and training to truly feel what it is to live inside of your body, recognize areas of weakness and inefficiency, and running a plan for improvement back to the efficient state.

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